Professional Coaching 

Coaching to support your professional life

Coaching provides you with:

  • a confidential space to reflect and learn 

  • time to explore personal challenges linked to your working life

  • to tools to help make changes to behaviour and maximise what you can offer in your role

Conflict Coaching can also be offered to individuals to help them with interpersonal skills, assertiveness skills, and tools to help manage and prevent conflict.

Coaching can be delivered online, by telephone or face-to-face. 

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What is coaching and how can it help

Coaching is series of purposeful conversations.  It helps individuals learn and grow. 

A coaching relationship is likely to be short term with a focus on a specific development area, issue or goal. Sessions tend to be for a set duration of 90 minutes, taking place every 4-6 weeks. 

A Coach:

  • Can inspire you to maximise your professional potential

  • Can help increase motivation and enthusiasm and reduce levels of stress

  • Can work with you to improve self- confidence

  • Can help you to consider different approaches to specific issues 

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Types of coaching 

At Blue Wave our passion is about helping people to be their best, working with them in a professional and caring manner. 

The coaching we deliver is linked to your working life, whether that be during a conflict situation, trying to find the right career, just starting out in a new field, or working towards your next development step.

We deliver coaching over the phone, online, in person and even walking together if that suits you. 

We have a fixed fee for these services. Click on contact us for more information or to arrange a call back.